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                                                   Why do we need Foundation Training?                                                                  
     Foundation Training is the basic skill horses need to succeed in any discipline.  From weekend trail riding to Upper level Dressage, the reiner, the cow horse, western pleasure and the complete competitor.  For the horse to be safe and successful it must start with a strong Foundation.
     Working with horses, you must concentrate on getting the Respect, Attention, and control of your horse. These elements contribute to a well balanced responsive horse. Each horse is different and must be treated as an individual.  Working with your horse will help you learn  how to understand and comunicate in his language. Doing so you will help your horse build the confidence he needs to allow him to relax and understand what's being asked of him.  This is how true communication begins.  A fearful or disrespectful horse simply can't learn.  Once Trust & Respect begins, Communication continues, Softness develops, and Safety is the result.

                                                   Understanding Problem Horses

     If your having problems with your horse it's not only frustrating but can be very dangerous.  What this is, is a lack of communication and understanding.  Horses are instiinctively prey animals and react rather than think. ( Run from Danger instinct ).  
     You may have the perfect horse except for a couple of things, such as loading in a trailor,  not being able to bridle because of head tossing, bitting, kicking, striking, pushing or bucking, whatever the problem may be, we address the issue with the proper Ground Work and Foundation Training no matter what the disipline of riding