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EQNHA Value For Your Buck

     Our sticks are used to get the best results from your horse, with these sticks you can give your horse specific cues. With this stick you will be able to let your horse know exactly what you want him to do. The more you use this stick the more you will appreciate it's balance, feel, and ergonomic value, with it's rubber grip and it's 6' string, you will have a valued extension of your arm.This is a very valuable tool for your training.
Q Stick & E String

  Q-Stick & E-String                 $56.99
6' E-String comes in assorted                colors
     Our specially designed Rope Halters will make your cues clearer and teach your horse to give to pressure. Rope Halters come in assorted colors and sizes. Sizes range from newborn, foal, weanling, yearlings, small, and large horses. Draft horses are a special order.
  Our Mecate Reins is a 22'  Marine Braided rope, That also comes in assorted colors. Slobber Straps Sold Separately.
Mecate Reins $74.99
Mecate Reins
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Slobber Strapes Stamped with EQ
Slobber Straps
12' Lead Rope
Rope Halter
12' Lead Ropes             $68.99
 Rope Halter   $31.99
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     The 12' Lead Rope is Marine Braided Yacht Rope, which is perfect in length for groundwork and tying.  It has a clip on one end and is weighted on the tail end with a leather popper.  The rope's weight and durability will make groundwork a dream.  They come in assorted colors.  When purchasing these Lead Rope's please specify your color.