Will Travel to your Arena for
Problem Solving

Price for Traveling
    $ 1.00 per mile round trip.
    $ 60.00 per Hour 2 Hr. 

          HOST A CLINIC

If you would like to Host a Clinic at your Arena on a weekend, cost will be
$400.00 for 2 Days per Horse & Rider, Clinic days average 6 hours per day with 1 hour lunch

Please call Wendy at 
479-466-2569 more  Info. 
 Minimum of  5 or more                 participants

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                  CLASSES HELD AT EQNHA
                 (NON-DENOMINATIONAL ) 
                       ALL ARE WELCOME 

       Class are held every Saturday & Sunday. The GOAL is to establish a better relationship with our horse by gaining its RESPECT, getting its ATTENTION and having CONTROL.
     Why do we want to establish a better relationship with our horse?  The reason to establish a better relationship with our horse is, if we have a SPOOKYJUMPYPUSHYUNPREDICABLEUNSAFEDISRESPECTFUL, DANGOURS horse, chances are we ARE going to get hurt. Its not if we are going to get hurt, its just the matter of when.

                    The cost is $100.00 Per/2hr Class
                                     Per Horse and Rider
                                                                                                                                                                  Please call 466-2569 to reserve your spot 
                                                                                                                                                                      Rope Halter,
                                     12' to 14' Lead Rope, 
                                     4' Stick with a 6' String

      When you attend these classes on a regular basis, you will progress in your levels of horsemanship from groundwork to undersaddle work. You will see the change in your horse from the above to what will be a CALMRELAXED, OBEDIENT, PREDICABLE, SAFE, RESPECTFUL, CONTROLABLE Horse, and have lots of fun doing it.

                        Please bring Neg. Coggins
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TRUE to the Best of The Best Horsemanship Methods of Instruction.
                        HORSES IN TRAINING AT EQNHA

                        ONE WEEK MINIMUM, Starts the                                       beginning of a great foundation with your horse on 
         the ground. Usually, riding will begin in the second 
         week depending on circumstances............

    COST IS $100.00 Per Day ( You provide the Feed & Hay ) 
                Owner must be involved with the Training

        You and your Horse will learn, how to:
       Correct  problems
       Establish Ground Manners, and gain
       Respect for the Relationship, between you and 
       your horse.  ( Start building that foundation today )

      Remember this : Horses are individuals just like us.                     They learn on their time not ours. We let them learn 
       not make them learn.
                    EQNHA                                               Fayetteville, Ark. 

 E-Quantum Natural Horsemanship  Association                479-466-2569

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